May 2017 Shortage Designation Project

Automatically designated (Auto) HPSAs will not be included in this update.

Auto-HPSAs will not be included in the National Shortage Designation Update planned for July and have not been included in the impact analyses. HRSA has convened an Auto-HPSA Working Group, which includes representatives from all Auto-HPSA facility types, to identify possible approaches to updating Auto-HPSAs.

The Auto-HPSA Working Group has proposed a number of Auto-HPSA update options for HRSA’s consideration. HRSA and stakeholders agree that:

  • Auto-HPSAs need to be updated using data that reflects the current need.
  • The manual process in place today is unsustainable.

The timeline for updating Auto-HPSAs will be revisited and discussed further with stakeholders. Until a new approach is implemented, Auto-HPSA facilities may continue to request a score or rescore by emailing HRSA's Shortage Designation Branch at .