In-REACH: Education and Training Programs

In-REACH: Education and Training Programs

WACMHC provides a variety of educational programs to enhance the capacity of the healthcare workforce. We believe that a highly trained and skilled workforce is essential to provide high quality, high value patient care. Learn more about our programs below.

Our Programs

WACMHC currently offers the following registered apprenticeships:

  • Medical Assistant – Certified (MA-C) with PCMH specialty
  • Dental Assistant (DA)

Participating CHCs provide one year of full-time employment and coaching for an apprentice; WACMHC provides supplemental online and in-person clinical instruction.

Contact Us

Katherine Lechner, Workforce Development Manager |  | 360/786.9722 ext. 239

Aubre Lawless, Workforce Training Manager |  | 360/786.9722 ext. 222

Amanda Nicholson, Workforce & Training Assistant |  | 360/786.9722 ext. 234